Aim of the Study: To compare the effect of open and closed method in burn dressing respect to various parameters of healing.\r\nMethodology: In the open method of dressing antiseptic ointment was applied all over the burnt area after all dead tissue and blisters were removed. Patients were kept covered with two sterile / washed bed sheets one below and one above the patient. The bed sheets were washed daily and changed. In the closed dressing group patients were washed with jet spray of diluted beta-dine solution and thoroughly washed with normal saline. All dead tissue and blisters were removed. Antiseptic ointment was applied and dressing was done in three layers. First layer with sterile gauze, second absorbent cotton pads and third layer pressure bandaging with gauze.\r\nResult:Appearance of granulation tissue was almost similar in open and closed dressing where as epithelization was earlier in open dressing then in closed dressing.\r\nConclusion: It is concluded that open method was superior to closed dressing method especially in patients with less extensive burns of extremities particularly in children, who could not be easily controlled in cradles in patient of superficial to deep burns involving front and back and chest. Facial burns were treated by exposure method which helps in taking care of eyes, ear and nose.